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We are one of the most active European early stage investors dedicated to support great minds that take humanity to the next level. 

For over 10 years, Redstone invests in startups with meaningful societal contributions. By actively pursuing high-impact sectors through dedicated investment strategies, our data-driven approach allows us to build strong sector expertise and networks that enhance our portfolio.  

At Redstone, our ambition extends beyond mere professional investment—we aim to be dependable strategic partners and mentors for our portfolio companies, offering essential support and guidance for their growth. We consider each community member, whether an employee, a portfolio company, or an investor, to be an integral part of the Redstone family, and we attribute our success to our inclusive and nurturing culture.

We Create Long-term Value for our
founders, investors & employees


Founders are at the heart of our purpose, as their vision and dedication bring innovative solutions to life. We work closely with founders to understand their unique needs and challenges, offering tailored support and guidance to help them reach their full potential. Our commitment includes mentorship, strategic advice, and access to a robust network of industry experts, resources, and fellow entrepreneurs.


Investors are vital to Redstone's mission. Our data-driven approach generates exceptional investment opportunities while ensuring transparency and access. We keep investors informed with consistent communication, comprehensive market analyses, and expert insights, empowering them to contribute to a sustainable future with confidence.


Our team plays a crucial role in the Redstone family, as their expertise, dedication, and passion drive our mission forward. We recognize the value of a collaborative and supportive work environment, where employees can grow professionally and personally. We prioritize employee well-being, and nurturing a culture that celebrates diversity, inclusion, and shared success.

Sector Strategies

Redstone has supported Atlas with a unique combination of investment and sector expertise, allowing us to greatly sharpen our value proposition for banks and quickly acquire pilot customers in a highly regulated space. - Wladimir Nikoluk

I have always wanted to build a remarkable company. To me, greatness is achieved when the team has the freedom to leverage their unique strengths, resulting in mutual benefits for our valued partners. This synergy effortlessly drives significant revenues.


We’re building SOFIA, our in-house data platform, melding technology and human insights to revolutionize venture capital. SOFIA serves as our compass, guiding us through the digitally enhanced landscape of the entire VC lifecycle, while ensuring that the human touch remains at the heart of our decisions. With SOFIA, we’re not merely dreaming about the future of venture capital – we’re actively crafting it.

Anastasia Gonotskaya

Founders and their innovative solutions are the main drivers for a positive future. To support them on their journey to bring humanity to the next level is our daily mission and main driver. Because of the entrepreneurs - we are working together with every day - I am very optimistic about a world where the lives of the vast majority of people will get significantly better in the coming decades.

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