Paul von Hinueber

Investment Team

What brought you to Redstone and when did you start?

I’ve been eager to work in venture capital as it gives me the opportunity to work with smart and ambitious founders on a daily basis, to be constantly exposed to innovative ideas, and to do my fair share of contributing towards a more tech-driven and sustainable future. I joined Redstone in the summer of 2020, followed by working in strategy consulting, a warm intro to Mickaël, and the conviction that Redstone is an amazing place to grow both professionally and personally.

What are your main responsibilities in the team?

I’m focused on our early-stage social impact investments in healthcare, education, and living. My main responsibilities are to screen and analyze potential investment opportunities, perform due diligence, finalize deals, and support our portfolio companies.

What innovation will change the future in a positive way?

I firmly believe that innovation fueled by technology and empowered by data is pivotal in confronting the vast complexities of our healthcare system. This includes mitigating the administrative load on healthcare professionals, utilizing data management and analysis to enhance diagnostic precision and personalized care, and developing a preventive healthcare approach using sensor-based digital biomarkers. While the regulatory complexity, a multitude of stakeholders, and challenging sales and distribution channels are obstacles to implementing this innovation, I’m convinced it’s worth fighting for.

How do you relax/clear your mind?

By either playing football (I used to play semi-professionally, now it’s rather semi-mediocrely), going for a run, playing chess, consuming news (huge fan of The Economist and Financial Times), reading crime & edutainment books, traveling, trying to improve my golf game (it’s been a painful journey!) or by spending time with friends.

Whats your favorite lifehack to share? 

Don't pull the zipper of your sweater all the way down when you’re at the photo shoot for the new homepage – otherwise, you might end up showing more cleavage than you'd like :)