Svenja Spirtz

Workplace Manager / Assistant

What brought you to Redstone and when did you start?

Prior to joining Redstone, I worked at various law firms and another Berlin VC. I came to Redstone through the successful headhunting of our Head of Operations.

What are your main responsibilities in the team?

Keep the Front Office running and my managers alive with my wonderful colleague Madeline.

What innovation will change the future in a positive way?

Genetic predictions to detect diseases and treat them in a very individual way faster and more efficiently.

How do you relax/clear your mind?

I enjoy working out, jogging in one of Berlin's beautiful parks, getting the stress off my chest with a happy ballroom dance, galloping through the beautiful Brandenburg countryside with my horse, or enjoying a delicious meal and wine with my friends.

Whats your favorite lifehack to share? 

Dance like nobody's watching!