Götz Gleichmann

Managing Director Bridge to Growth

What brought you to Redstone and when did you start?

Samuli is an old friend and trusted business colleague. So when I had the idea in 2019 of setting up a Venture Debt fund, it was evident that I approached him and that we jointly started BTG.

What are your main responsibilities in the team?

From the setting up of the fund, fundraising, deal sourcing, deal making, deal monitoring, internal and external controlling to exit … everything :-)

What innovation will change the future in a positive way?

Tech, especially AI, will replace the repetitive and standard tasks from people so they can focus on more value-added tasks.

How do you relax/clear your mind?

Sailing, hunting (both quiet and oxygen-rich environments).

Whats your favorite lifehack to share? 

Trust people (up to the point they disappoint you).