We are expanding — Announcing Redstone Nordics
News | 28.11.2017

We are expanding — Announcing Redstone Nordics

Redstone is a Venture Capital firm that manages multiple corporate venture funds. We have reinvented corporate Venture Capital through our VC-as-a-Service model, which connects industry leaders with ambitious founders.

After being founded in and operating out of Berlin, it is time for us to grow further and open a new chapter: Redstone Nordics. Since 2014 we are writing success stories with emerging startups and corporations in the German-speaking area, giving established industry leaders access to digital business models and new technologies through our unique VC-as-a-Service approach. By opening an office in Helsinki, this is what we bring to the the Nordics and the Baltic region starting November 2017.


The Redstone Nordics team

We are very happy to have Kaj Hagros and Oskari Lehtonen leading Redstone Nordics. Both being finnish born, Kaj and Oskari are equipped with decade long experience as entrepreneurs and investors in the Nordic region as well as globally.

Kaj Hagros

Kaj Hagros is Partner at Redstone Nordics and has a broad history as entrepreneur, investor and C-level executive. Prior to Redstone, Kaj was the co-founder and CEO of seed investor and venture accelerator Pivot5, CEO of Nasdaq Helsinki traded Tecnotree Corporation, COO of FOX Mobile, VP Marketing of First Hop, and Head of Strategy & Business Development at Nokia Networks. Kaj has executed a broad range of early stage investments and successful exits, and chaired companies such as Booxmedia, Cabforce, Readpeak, Hibox, Heltti and Inderes.

Oskari Lehtonen

Oskari Lehtonen is a serial entrepreneur and Partner at Redstone Nordics. In the past, he was Partner at seed fund and venture accelerator Pivot5 and behind such ventures as RTS Networks (IPO), Reippailupuisto Huimala (exit HopLop), Offerium (exit Sanoma), KoppiCatch, and Tabletkoulu. Oskari has a Ph.D. in Venture Capital with studies in Stanford and the National University of Singapore.

We are very excited to add the Redstone presence in the Nordic and Baltic region to our existing network of Venture Partners in Switzerland and the US.
Building on our VC-as-a-Service model, we provide Nordic corporates with a competitive advantage in the race for new technologies and digital business models by connecting them with leading startups and ambitious founders in Europe and around the globe. We enable startups not only financial funding, but to benefit from Redstone’s vast entrepreneurial experience, international network and operational support — as well as from corporate resources, unique industry knowledge and strategic perspectives.

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