| 22.07.2021

Schwarzwälder Bote Family Office

Schwarzwälder Bote GmbH & Co. KG is a family holding company based in Oberndorf am Neckar. The company holds stakes in media companies, manages real estate assets and holds investments in various companies including Venture Capital. The cooperation between Redstone and the Family Office of Schwarzwälder Bote started in 2019. Together with Redstone, the experienced managers of the company invest in data-driven companies. This data-driven approach connects both of the companies in their values and is only one of many reasons for a well-structured and innovative collaboration.

In the partnership, both parties benefit. Redstone is managing the Venture Capital direct investments for the Family Office of Schwarzwälder Bote as part of the total investment amount. Redstone supports the family office with sophisticated Venture Capital expertise and years of deal-making experience. with its many years of expertise, the family office of the Schwarzwälder Boten can follow an agnostic investment approach and has already been able to promote profitable startups. Investments such as that of the ambitious LegalTech company RightNow have already been recorded.

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