Stefano Gurciullo, PhD
| 29.04.2020

Stefano Gurciullo, PhD

Stefano Gurciullo is a Partner at Redstone, where he focuses on deep tech, AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (internet of things) and mobility. He is in the leadership team of Future Industry Ventures, and spearheaded our data-driven efforts with a strong vision towards evidence-based venture capital.

“Entrepreneurship is the electricity powering the future for humanity. I strive to work with teams with a fierce commitment towards making our economic systems juster, sustainable, secure through science and engineering.”

Prior to joining our team, Stefano held various positions as data scientist and investor in sustainable finance. He also consulted public institutions on matters related to data, science and sustainability. Stefano holds a PhD in Financial Computing from University College London, is deeply passionate about complex systems and new investing models for science.

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