Mohamed Foulser
| 29.04.2020

Mohamed Foulser

Mohamed Foulser is Redstone’s DeepTech expert where he focuses on Internet of Things (IoT), Sustainability, Cybersecurity, and Decentralisation. He is also responsible for the Future Industry Ventures Fund as well as several of Redstone’s corporate accounts. 

Mohamed has an interest in all things Japanese and in his spare time you’ll find him participating in ‘diversity in the workforce’ events as well as being outdoors.  

Prior to joining Redstone, Mohamed started his Venture Capital career at MMC Ventures with a focus on topics of AI and Blockchain. He also has a background as a founder and as an aeronautical engineer, having worked as a consultant to companies like Airbus.

Mohamed holds a MPhil in technology policy from the University of Cambridge and a degree in aerospace engineering. Recent investment highlights include Flyability, Palturai, Varjo and Resmonics.

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