News | 13.08.2021

The Humanoo health app

The global pandemic has once again shown the difficulties of integrating a healthy lifestyle into our daily lives. While we know that we should eat a diet rich in vitamins and avoid fast food, we should exercise regularly and we should also find time to relax and leave stress behind it sometimes gives us a hard time to follow these rules. Unfortunately, doing what’s actually good for us is often a matter of availability and time management. The ambitious Berlin-based startup Humanoo has found a way to simplify exactly this and to make teams healthier while offering an all-in-one B2B health app. 

 Humanoo has found a smart approach to connect all the actions we can take to feel better and offers an all-in-one-health solution in just one app. It not only includes on-demand programs that cover a wide range of physical activities, such as fitness, physical therapy and yoga, but also takes care of the user’s mindfulness, sleep and nutrition. 

 The B2B health hero Humanoo

Humanoo was founded in 2016 by Philip Pogoretschnik and has offices in Berlin and Paris. Companies such as Deutsche Bank, Coca Cola and P&G already offer the app to their employees. Philip Pogoretschnik, founder and CEO, explains, “Existing digital health offerings, whether B2B or B2C, show that hardly anyone is able to sustainably change their routine. By combining on-demand video coaching, various gamification options and monetary incentives for health activities, we at Humanoo are able to outperform the prevailing benchmarks for engagement and retention many times over.” 

SwissHealth Ventures is leading Humanoo’s $10 million Series-B. The round was joined by Helsana Health Invest, Sanitas, Verve Ventures and existing investors. Humanoo will use the funds to grow its engineering, product and business development team, strengthen its leadership position in core markets and rapidly expand into additional regions.

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