Redstone and SBI launch Future Industry Ventures
News | 13.05.2020

Redstone and SBI launch Future Industry Ventures

Redstone initiates the Future Industry Ventures Fund (FIV) together with Japanese SBI Group. The joint venture is a specialized sector fund that invests in Industry 4.0 start-ups. The target volume is 200 million Euros.

The Future Industry Ventures Fund focuses primarily on European start-ups set to transform industrial production in the coming years through innovative tech solutions. European companies have an innovative edge in areas such as Smart Factory, Internet of Things (IoT) or industrial robotics. FIV’s declared aim is to foster and strengthen this expertise and to help develop sustainably successful business models.

With a target volume of 200 million Euros, the fund envisions individual investments of up to 10 million Euros in successful start-ups in their later growth phases.

The initiators are joined by other well-known investors, including both institutional investors and corporates from European industry able to contribute their distinctive market and industry expertise to the network.

Samuli Sirén, Managing Director, CEO and Co-founder of Redstone, says: „We are incredibly proud to have partnered with SBI, one of Asia’s largest technology investors. The goal with our FIV fund is to create a platform to invest in Europe’s most competitive and promising start-ups. To our mind, Industry 4.0 is an ideal space for this. We are currently experiencing how crucial the further digitalization of the working world is for economic and social success. The trend towards smarter and more flexible production processes will become even stronger in the future.”

Yoshitaka Kitao, CEO at SBI Group adds: “We opted for a joint venture out of the conviction that Europe has some still unrivalled strength in innovation and technological expertise for sustainable industry solutions. Especially in the traditional industrial nations, such as Japan, such technologies are becoming increasingly vital for sustainable economic growth. In Redstone, we have found a partner who, thanks to its unique, data-based analysis capabilities, is able to identify the most promising investment targets with pinpoint accuracy and objectivity.”